About Us

Mare Engineering Incorp. is a company, which is devoted to cement and concrete employing innovative construction and building materials development, through scientific research and development processes. Our first industrial level achievement is the Marestone, which is world’s least water absorbing stone in its category, which also is involving a fully natural look.

Scientific Research and Development are in core of all Mare activities. The innovative Marestone products and systems are being improving in time and energy and environment related aspects are also being improved parelely. The existing products are obtained following a four years research and development study in support of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific Research Organisation) / TTGV (Turkish Technology Development Foundation) and in cooperation with ITU (Istanbul Technical University). Recently, Mare Engineering has developed innovative floor systems for raised access floors and for classical installation, products soon shall be on the market. We are about to conclude in sequence of this year, developing another product, which is made of Marestone production residues. This shall make Mare a “zero residue” company. Mare has been the hub for two cement inventions, one is obtaining of very high early strength portland cement by employing calcium sulphates, which are produced in a different manner and the other is a pozzo lime, which is attaining market demand strengths first time. These inventions are expected to have major impact on the sector.

Design and Engineering ;Mare Engineering works for perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality and safety. System solutions provides the optimum combination. Mare is capable to design optimum or tailor made facade and floor systems for many requirements. Design review of Client’s drawings or layout optimization can be provided inhouse. We can implement structural system analysis for different force conditions . Dynamic structural analysis are also in the range of our capabilities.

Mare Engineering is a design and construction supervision company also, especially took part in IBRD and EIB financed projects. Our latest achievement was the Istanbul Emergency Management Center, a sophisticated intelligent building. Mare design and quality management capabilities covers a broader area requiring full concievement about buildings.