Green Environment

Green Product:

Marestone is an environmental-friendly construction material. Our company and management team has adopted the principles of environmental responsibility as aspect of its company concept and corporate philosophy. The manufacturing process doesn’t release harmful substences. Raw materials used are marble and other natural stone minerals and cement . These minerals can be chips from the nationwide marble production .Recycled glass can also be used as raw material.

Environmental Stewardness:

Marestone  being an high tech and innovative product continues on its domination in being an exceptional environmental  friendly product;

·         Minerals used are marble quarry residues.  Glass aggregates used are recycled.

·         Due to light unit weight, consumption of all raw materials are less.

·         Process water is in a continuous recycle.

·         All the energy needs (fossil or electricity) are reduced due to the unique process and to material’s light              unit weight.

·         Reduced load carrying structural elements.

·         No toxic  involvement. Clean production

·         Totally environmental, natural material characteristics residue

·         New Marestone products made from cutting and sawing dusts of the process. Zero residues, total                      sustainability